Fishing high water patterns for bass, Kentucky Rains are Real

With the spawning season fading throughout most of the Southern states, heavy rains and flooding conditions have opened a different set of opportunities for anglers. We all know that when the lake rises, like it has throughout most of the South and other central lakes, the bass move shallow into the flooded trees and grasses. […]

Having a Bluegill Blast this Spring in Kentucky

Big bluegills defy geographic stereotype, and the biggest ones aren’t confined to the Deep South. Of the 45 states that keep records, only three–Alabama, Kentucky, and North Carolina–have logged bluegills larger than 4 pounds. Seventeen other states have topped the 3-pound mark, ranging from California to New Jersey. A 3-pounder will be 12 to 13 […]

Fatal deer disease not detected in latest testing; Department launches public forums starting April 18 to discuss CWD threat

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife –800-858-1549 FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 4, 2019) β€” The latest results of chronic wasting disease testing of Kentucky deer and elk returned encouraging news: none of the tests came back positive for the fatal brain disease that affects members of the deer family. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife […]

Why Water Temperature Plays a Role in Your Fishing Success

Temperature change, and how fish react to the mercury climbing or dipping, is important knowledge for fishermen. Knowing how fish react to their environment and throughout the various seasons can help hone your approach and improve your catch rates. Cold- and Warm-Water Fish All species of freshwater fish are cold blooded. Unable to maintain their […]

Bowfishing this Summer in Kentucky, Let’s Do it!

The summer months are upon us, bringing scorching temperatures. A constant reminder that we’re still a long way from bow season. Most of us can and will endure the sweat and ‘skeeters, spending time in the back yard slingin’ arrows at targets. But let me offer another option. An option than involves refreshing fun on […]