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A decision to brag on an Internet hunting site about taking two bucks on the opening day of West Virginia’s firearms deer season has proven costly to the poacher and his father.

On January 23 2019, several citizens notified the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources that Robert Daniel “Murphy” Kane II, a 26-year old Bridgeport man, posted photographs of himself with two whitetail bucks online, claiming to have shot both deer on opening day.

The legal bag limit is one per day. Under the incriminating message board heading, “Opening Day Bucks,” the braggart violator disclosed details of the two deer kills.

An investigation by Harrison County conservation officers resulted in Kane being charged with five wildlife law violations, including conspiring to violate Chapter 20 of the WV State Code (wildlife laws), failure to field tag a deer, illegal possession of a buck deer, hunting after killing a legally killed deer and exceeding the daily bag limit of buck deer.

Kane pleaded no contest to the charges and was fined $861.50, including a $200 replacement fee for the illegally killed buck. Investigating officers also confiscated Kane’s 10-point rack, which was waiting to be mounted at a taxidermist.

Proving the adage that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Kane’s father, 53-year-old Robert Daniel Kane was assessed $381 on three charges involving conspiring with his son in game law violations and illegal possession of buck deer. Possibly more charges pending as of Nov.14th 2019.

Sharing is Caring!

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