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-graphic footage of a scared creek chub getting smacked-

Is using live bait for smallmouth bass cheating?  Or is it the best way to insure a great day on the water?

Tournament fishing has spawned an explosion in artificial baits that us anglers feel we have to have to be successful on the water. There is definitely skill and technique that must be learned to fish with artificial baits and this often separates the top anglers in the country.

There are times when I have had more success fishing with lures for bass while other anglers were fishing with minnows or night crawlers.  It may have been that the bass were going more for a reaction strike as opposed to feeding. In addition, it is very satisfying to figure out a pattern and get on the bass with artificial bait.

 I think I would be bored out of mind fishing live bait for smallmouth bass because I enjoy casting and reeling, jigging, etc…unless I’m wading, then live bait fishing can turn into one of the best times ever.

J. McKenzie

Sharing is Caring!

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